Hawaii Vaccine Bills Updates
February 3, 2016
February 10, 2016

Initial Victory for the People in a Long Fight to Keep Freedoms


Praise God for the Freedoms we still have!

I am proud to report Good News regarding the Vaccine Bills hearings yesterday. Thanks to the hard of my patients, my friends, my wife and myself, we saw victory (likely only temporary) for the people Yesterday.

So, Janell and I showed up at the Capitol for the 9:00 am hearing on SB 2393 and SB 2394, there was no parking at the garage.  Every space was taken.  We had a much bigger crowd then on Tuesday.

As I walk into the room I am pleasantly surprised to world famous author and lecturer Dr. Len Horowitz ready to testify!!

I read one of Dr. Len Horowitz’s books over 15 years ago, and have several of his books,  this man is a tireless crusader for vaccine awareness and vaccine choice and played and large roll in my awakening.

Dr. Len moved to the Big Island around 8 years ago, and I called him to alert him and ask him to help, but I learned he had moved to Las Vegas over a year ago.  Much to my surprise Dr. Len flew out to Oahu the night before help us carry the torch and fight for health freedom!

Immediately we learn that Sen. Roz Baker moved these two bills all the way to the end of the session saying, “We know there is going to be a lot of testimony”  I think she did this hoping some of the opposition to her bill would leave, but it was also great because it showed that she knew there was gonna be a fight!  “We are mad as hell, and we aren’t gonna take it anymore!!!” (Network, 1976)  They became aware on Tuesday that their attempt to fast track this bill and sneak through under the radar had failed.  They sleeping giant was being awoken and angry momma bears were bearing fangs ready to defend the cubs!

SB 2393 / HB 1946 Is the worst Bill currently schedule for a hearing (HB 1722 isn’t scheduled yet), and after passionate, articulate and authoritative testimony from angry parents, a vaccine injured autistic young man, articulate RN’s, world famous doctor and reasearcher Len Horowitz, groups like Vaccine Free Hawaii with Cheryl Toyofuku, Health Freedom Hawaii, and myself,  Senator Roz Baker finally threw in the towel.

Roz Baker kept trying to hurry us, rush our testimony, not let some of us speak, she denied letting Sen. Ruderman ask questions, the Sen. Ihara (I apologize if I got those names wrong) wanted to ask questions too.  I think she felt overwhelmed with opposition.  The hearing was suspiciously NOT being recorded or televised on Olelo.  Eventually she caved, and the she terminated the bill and said it would not move forward.

This is NOT the end of the battle but it is a HUGE victory nonetheless.  This bill was sponsored by the Chair of the committe voting on the bill Sen Roz Baker as well as Senators:  CHUN OAKLAND, DELA CRUZ, KIDANI, NISHIHARA, SHIMABUKURO, TOKUDA, Espero, Keith-Agaran and Kim. THATS 10 Senators. 10!!!!  That’s 10 of the 25 Senators sponsoring this bill, to Remove all State control and automatically mandate all federally recommended vaccines within 90 days without a vote or discussion!  And “We the People” were able to remove it with our grass-roots efforts.

The sister bill still has to be defeated in the house (HB 1946), but this is a great victory!

We are finally starting to alert more of the public and get media attention.  The media attention is ALWAYS slanted and biased, but it still helps to sound the alarm.  We got national media coverage for our victory yesterday, and the story was covered by KHON 2 News and others.

please go to the link above and leave a positive comment in the article,  the Pro Vaccine lobby is really mad and paid pharma troll are creating shell accounts to do post as multiple users slandering us, spewing hatred, spreading fear, hatred and ingorance.  Please go leave a comment in support and upvote the good comments and down vote the Pharma Trolls.

Here is testimony from Nathan Higa, a brave autistic young man who was vaccine injured as a baby

Here is some video testimony from Dr. Len Horowitz on SB 2393

and here SB 2394 -Mandatory Flu Shot for all Healthcare workers


The real bill that must be defeated is HB 1722, and that fight is yet to come, but praise God we are making an impact!

In Health and Truth,


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