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February 2, 2016

Freedom Crushing Forced Vaccine Bills Introduced in Hawaii!!


Aloha Family,

It’s time to SOUND THE ALARM!!!

The freedom hating Big Pharma political action wing has bribed our local politicians in to surrendering your freedom for Medical Dictatorship!

After the corrupt traitors in the California legislature succeeded in illegally establishing their criminal law SB277 to remove Religious and Personal Beliefs Exemption, they have now moved on to expand their Criminal Influence is the other 49 States and Hawaii is their most recent prey.

There are 4 BIG vaccine bills being introduced right now.

But in my opinion, HB 1722 is the worst of the bunch as it aims to Eliminate our Right to Refuse based on our Religious and Personal Beliefs.  Almost, as bad is HB 1946 and SB 2393 which will give away all State Power to the Fed. Government with HB 1946

where they just automatically pass all federal Vaccine Mandates as Law without any discussion or oversight!!!  Why even have a State government if we do that???


  1.  OPPOSE HB 1722 Eliminates the Religious Belief Exemption to Vaccination for Public School Student in HI
  2.  OPPOSE HB 1910 / SB 2316 Mandate HPV Vaccine for 7th grade students, allow pharmacists to administer HPV Vaccine to minors
  3.  OPPOSE HB 1946/SB 2393  Remove all State control and automaticall mandate all federally recommended vaccines within 90 days without a vote or discussion!
  4.  OPPOSE HB 1945/SB 2394  Mandates the Flu Shot for all health care workers 


Hearings for 3 of the bills are being held at the Capitol this Tuesday and Thursday.

Show up and speak up or your rights will be taken away!  The government is trying to force something on us, in our bodies! against our will!  Now is your chance to Stand Up, Speak Up, and tell them NO!

  1. SB 2316 –  Committee on 2/2/2016 at 9:45 AM in conference room #229.
  2. SB 2393 – SB 2393 is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Committee on Commerce and Public Health on 2/4/2016, at 9:00 AM in Conference Room 229.
  3.  SB 2394 – SB 2394 is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Committees on Commerce, Consumer Protection and Health on 2/4/2016, at 9:00 AM in Conference Room 229.


Action Steps!!

First and foremost I called up Rep. John Mizuno as he is the one who has introduced and sponsored the bill to strip you of your basic rights.  This bill violates your Freedom of Religion and your Right to a Public Education for your Children.  We pay taxes for Education, that’s our right.  This bill would force a toxic, dangerous medical intervention against your will with no liability and no recourse for any damage caused.  OUR BODIES OUR CHOICE!!!

Contact Rep. John Mizuno
phone: 808-586-6050
fax: 808-586-6051  

Tell him you oppose HB 1722 and how dare he try to take away our Right to Choose!  Tell him it’s our Body, Our Religious Right, and Our Choice!!  Then when he back peddles ask him to Pull the Bill, remove it.

  1. Sign up at so you can get the latest information on the devious laws these devils are trying to force on us.
  2. Register to submit written testimony online and get priority when showing up to testify in person.
  3. Once you have registered above submit written testimony and show up at the capitol to speak and the Hearings for these Bills.



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