Colorado law to require all unvaccinated children be registered and tracked by the state
March 9, 2016
Hawaii Senator Roz Baker Caught in Bribery Scandal with Pfizer/Monsanto Lobbyists
March 13, 2016

Dear Parent who Thinks Vaccine Legislation is About Vaccines…


You’re wrong, and I hate to tell you that.

Because I wish more than anything that I was wrong. That I was an alarmist or a conspiracy theorist. But, I am not.

I am a normal parent like you. I love my child more than is reasonable, and then I lock myself in the bathroom because 5 seconds of silence is better than a trip to Hawaii.

I know you’ve seen the vaccine legislation flying around. You’ve probably thought, “good, wrangle in all those anti-science, lost parents, and mandate they take care of their kids!” Where’s the debate? Science is settled. I should know, I’ve listened to my pediatrician since day 1 and refuse to read the data, funder, and to the whistleblowers behind those two autism studies. 100% of my vaccine knowledge I heard on Sesame Street and vaccine commercials – and who could be more honest?


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I wish I could agree. I wish we could complain together over glasses of wine about how fussy our recently vaccinated children are. But I can’t.

Because I did the research. I have piles of books from doctors, immunologists, scientists and parents. I’ve poured over the raw data, sliced VAERS reports, and I have seen it. I have seen before my eyes children harmed.

But you see, that isn’t even it. Vaccines are a product, and as long as product is sold, you can buy. (The manufacturer hasn’t been liable for their destruction since 1986, but that’s none of my business). Buy away. Heck, get ’em on the black market and take 38 at a time. Not my business.

But, this isn’t about vaccines, autism, or “anti-vaxxers.” This is about your rights to make decisions for your children.

As bills pass into laws across the country, and those anti-vaxxers are put in their place, they are securing you in your place. Precedents are being established to ensure your child’s education, medical choices, and religion are the property of the State.

What happens when you are us?

When you need to make a medical choice for your ill child and the doctors let you know that it’s their decision, so shut it.

When your child gets a chronic illness and can’t be vaccinated for a time, and they are forced to leave school, too?

When your parenting is questioned because your child seizes after a round of antibiotic, but CPS is called if you don’t give the next dose?

My friend, it is not if, it’s when. 

So keep pretending that those of us posting updates, asking you to call your legislators, with the severely vaccine-injured or healthy vaccine-free children are just bored/crazy/on too much chlorella.

We will be ousted before we can say “we told you so,” and show you how to fight for your rights.

What if, those “anti-vaxxers” are looking out for you? What if you stop to think about them as a person. Are they kind? Are they honest? Or are they horrible people? (If you’re not sure, check the forums. You can find a vaccine-educated person speaking kindly, eloquently, using “big” words and citing their sources. You will know a pro-vaxxer when you see words like “idiot,” “killer,” “I don’t need to have a source, it’s common knowledge,” before they leave because they got nothin’).

I will let you in on the secret. We do this because we care about you and your kids. We want our children to grow up in freedom, just like yours,shots or no shots. 

So, for goodness sake, read the status.

Call the Senator. 

Click the link.

Ask them questions.

Do not be afraid to “like” or “comment.”

Stand up, parent. 


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