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February 18, 2016
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February 19, 2016

8-Year Old Utah Girl Dead From Flu After Being Vaccinated


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Source: (1) Diana Holliday

An 8-year old Utah girl named Mackenzie Coyne died after being diagnosed with the flu. Doctors believe another infection could have contributed, but feel the flu was the core issue and cause of death. She WAS flu vaccinated.

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – 8 Year Old Mackenzie Coyne of Park City died Sunday shortly after testing positive for influenza A. Her family said it progressed quickly over the weekend, even though she had a flu shot. Now the community is coming together for her family to help.

She celebrated her birthday last Friday when she told her dad she was a little under the weather. On Saturday her family urged her to rest and she did get sick once. They assumed she was sick like most kids get. By Sunday they noticed something was wrong and took her to the urgent care where she tested positive for influenza A.

Family friend Carrie Prater said that an ambulance rushed her to the hospital 20 minutes later, but things deteriorated fast. Shortly after arriving she was gone even though doctors tried to revive her.

“Literally went from bad to worse to she was gone.” said Prater. “It’s very unreal at this point.

Now the question is, when was she flu vaccinated? We have two options here: Either the flu shot was terribly ineffective, or the flu shot gave this little girl the flu. She was in second grade. 8-years of age and they are jabbing her with a flu shot. I wish more parents could see the light. This story is likely to be buried before day’s end and I assume we won’t know the date of the flu shot she received. This year’s flu shot company line has stood by it being incredibly effective. In the case of little Mackenzie, something clearly went tragically wrong. I assume this will be chalked up as another “random” occurrence. Such a sad (and preventable) story.

Grief counselors plan to be on hand at the school on Monday to help her classmates deal with this tragedy.

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