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February 17, 2016
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February 18, 2016

6 out of 7 Vaccination Bills Defeated, 1 More to Go!!!


6 out of 7 Vaccination Bills Defeated, 1 More to Go!!!

SB 2316 / HB 1910 The Mandatory HPV Vaccination Bill Tabled Indefinitely!!!

Not only was it tabled indefinitely but it was tabled with the statement that they will "draft a resolution" recommending INSTEAD, the Dept. of Education work with the Dept. of Health to "create educational materials for the parents of all students." Roz Baker then added "An educational campaign would serve us well at this point." So you the parents will decide!

HUGE victory IMO. This was Roz Bakers baby, and had OVERWHELMING support. 10 out of 25 Senators sponsored this bill.. the bill was a shoe in. Our insider told us to just "Give Up" on the Senate as it would be impossible to defeat SB 2316 in the Senate because it had soooo much political muscle behind it. We were advised to just defeat it in the house. That's how BIG this victory was.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, It was the hard work of those that stood up and spoke out that changed the tide and made the difference! Good Work to all of you who answered the call. I strongly believe it was our testimonies, calls and emails that raised the level of awareness of the Senators (some of them) and well as alerted them to the amount of opposition and outrage toward this "mandate" that caused them to abort this bill in favor of an educational campaign.

Removal of Religious Exemption Billa and Surrender All Choice to the Federal Beaurocracy Bill Expired

These bills would have needed to be introduced last week in order for them to be passes in this session of the legislature, so they have been defeated by default.

I strongly believe that after we made headlines about how the public was up in arms over these freedom crushing mandates that they wanted no piece of these bills during an election year.  Keep a watchful eye for these bills to return next legislative session.

Last Bill Standing

The only Bill left that can still be passed is the Mandatory Flu Shot for all healthcare workers.  This can and hopefully will still be defeated.  More nurses need to stand up for their rights, where were all of you!?!?  I saw only 2 nurses down there fighting for their God Given Rights!  They had more paid pharma trolls from industry reading a script full of lies from their bosses than nurses who cared enough to show up tell the government to keep their laws off their bodies.  Myself and others did our best to combat the lies and junk science presented by industry, but guess what?  If enough people don't show up to demand their rights then the legislature will vote for the industry that lines their pockets.  This isn't over, if you care enough to stop this bill go to and take action!


The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

Those of us on the front lines do not believe for a minute the powers that be will let this go.  They got a black eye, but they will be back to push their agenda they have intention of just letting this go. 

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